A J.Crew Love Affair

I think we can all agree that J.Crew can style their clothing so well it hurts. They’ve mastered the “effortlessly put-together” look I longingly aspire to posses in my own style. One of my favorite wardrobe staples is the pencil skirt, but I’m always second guessing myself when I put it on. “Am I styling this right?” “Is there something I could do to wear this better?” “Am I too corporate and not enough casual?” “How’s my hair?” (the last  question is always a part of every thought that pops into my head, just let it be.) Here’s where J.Crew comes in. They KNOW they’ve perfected the pencil skirt…They KNOW they’re cool… and they KNOW people like me will be looking to them for inspiration. (Conceited biotches.) Take a page from their (online) catalogue and pin it to your (pinterest) bulletin board for later inspiration.


P.S. No one said you had to purchase these J.Crew items. I’ve picked these looks because they’re simple enough to emulate with items already in your closet. (However, that floral pencil skirt has me swooning!)

Happy Spring!


5 thoughts on “A J.Crew Love Affair

  1. Danielle Heichen says:

    I completely agree! J.Crew is always in with the most casual and cute style. There prices are mostly always reasonable, and even if they are not, there are always great sales! I loved this post. J. Crew is very casual and I think it is a great store for college students and older.

  2. I have to agree with Alex – the chambray shirt is the first thing that jumped out at me about this picture! J.Crew can get a little pricey, so I’m lucky that there’s a J. Crew Factory Warehouse where I’m from in Asheville that has sidewalk sales on the weekends. Which of these looks is your favorite?

    • Carly, I’ve always wanted to go a sidewalk sale in Asheville! My favorite of these looks is the graphic t-shirt with the floral skirt. I think it’s a fun spin on a classic pencil skirt, but I’d definitely pair it with a less metallic shoe.

  3. I have one of their pencil skirts, and I absolutely LOVE it! It is perfect for the office. But somehow JCREW makes it look soo good so many other ways. Like the casual look for instance, it looks awesome. If I ever tried that, I would look ridiculous! So, I might just still to the professional look!

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