Currently Craving: Beauty Addition

As of this week, SPRING HAS ARRIVED IN BOONE. The forecast is calling for temperatures in the UPPER 6Os FOR THE WHOLE WEEK. Those words have never felt sweeter. It’s been a long winter and I’m ready to go outside without a down jacket. So I’ve rounded up the items I’m craving to help channel Spring…think pale pinks with pops of red.

Now get outside and ENJOY the glorious sunshine.





9 thoughts on “Currently Craving: Beauty Addition

  1. Oh the Naked Palatte! Its so wonderful! Ive got the Naked 1 and I think I’m finished with half of the colors. Now all thats left is the lightest of the light and the darkest of the dark… I guess I should have budgeted my colors better, but who goes out enough for that much smokey eye! Not this home body. Maybe its time to upgrade for spring! Great graphic, thanks for the links!

  2. Danielle Heichen says:

    very fun and easy to look at! I love all of the styles. I am unaware of all of these different products but find them fascinating. This makes me want to know more. I love it! This is very helpful

  3. GOSH. I am just obsessed with the Naked palettes! I have the Naked 2 palette, and I use it just about every day! I am really wanting the Naked 3 palette because there are more rose/pinkish tones, which I love!

  4. Natalie I’m obsessed with the Naked palettes too! I have two of them already so I won’t go overboard and buy another but the pink blush is tempting. Love the bright colors and ease of use of your blog.

  5. kwoodford925 says:

    I’ve never used one of the Naked palettes, but after hearing everyone’s reviews about it, I might have to try it!

  6. I have never used a Naked palette either but after reading this blog and seeing the comments I am going to have to get one! Nude colors are my favorite for make up, especially in the summer. Anyone know where I can get a discounted pallette?

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